About Bailey Personnel Consultants

Bailey Personnel Consultants is a full service, nationwide recruitment firm with a proven ability to match people and jobs for long-term success. Each of our consultants has more than 10 years of industry experience — with specialization in one or more of the areas listed in our job selection menu. The agency has been in Rochester NY serving candidates and companies alike since 1962.  Our knowledge of the area combined with our business expertise provides white glove services and an ability to match employees and jobs successfully for long-term employment.

Focusing the Search 
…..For a Corporation, every search assignment is professionally handled by a trained senior level Consultant offering in-depth search experiences, up-to-date industry contacts, and an understanding of human resources. This expertise enables us to provide valued input to your staffing management. Bailey’s search process assures that both the position to be filled and the corporate culture of the organizations are fully understood before recruitment begins. Potential candidates are then identified and reviewed. After careful analysis, the most qualified are presented for your evaluation. We take on the time-consuming task of search so management may continue to be productive, reducing the search time, and working as one of your team members to define the requirements of the position. We evaluate candidates and negotiate compensations.
…..For an Applicant, our consultants work with you during the entire search and staffing process providing coaching, quality performance and outstanding customer satisfaction. The mutual effort of this team relationship results in a successful placement. Bailey’s goal is to make a positive contribution to you, to your job search productivity, and to your effectiveness in finding a career position with a company of equal values and culture where you can grow and be successful. 

Our Expertise 
Bailey Personnel Consultants lists jobs in the following industries and categories:
• Legal
• Administrative Support
• Accounting/Finance
• Engineering
• Information Technology
• Insurance
• Marketing
• Customer Service

Meet our founder/owner

Ellie Levy, President

Ellie brings over 30 years’ experience in job placement and has an understanding of how to match people to not only a job but to a company culture. Representing long-standing corporate clients, Ellie specializes in Accounting, Insurance, Administration, and Secretarial and General Office placement.